Privacy policy

Version 1.2 - Last revised on 4 December 2015

At Freauty, we are dedicated to protecting the personal information of all our customers. Hence all information that we collect from you on our site is not passed or sold to any third party providers. We may however disclose your information to third parties that provide a service to you. E.g processing your credit card details, delivering items, etc.

We regularly update our privacy policy and we recommend that you keep visiting our site on a regular basis.

How we collect your information

  • Usually we collect information from you such as your name, age, email address, mailing address, telephone number 
  • When you happen to make payment on our site you will be required to submit credit/debit card or Paypal information. However, all this information is kept strictly confidential and transmitted via a secure SSL connection
  • We do not store any financial information and all data will be processed and collected by Paypal or card processing merchant via a secure SSL connection
  • In order to ascertain the demographics or profiles of our users, we may also at times collect information like your gender, age, as well as which part of the country you reside in
  • Sometimes your computer IP address needs to be recorded for security purposes and to avoid any chances of fraud – especially during purchases online
  • Sometimes you may want to voluntarily opt for a newsletter or some other article from our site. In such cases your IP address as well as demographic information maybe collected. This information collected is entirely to help us serve you better
  • In some cases, you may voluntarily choose to opt-in for services provided by third party providers who are affiliated to us. In such cases, we will provide your personal information to these third party providers following your consent
  • If you have opted to receive related offers when you signed up for a newsletter, we may send you email notifying you of such offers available. However, this is as per your consent and approval
  • You always have the option of unsubscribing to such information

Usage of information collected

  • The main reason why we seek your personal information is to help us to serve you better
  • By knowing about things that interest you, your age, gender, etc. we are able to provide you with notifications and offers that might possibly interest you
  • We also use this information collected to ascertain which sections of our site enjoy the most popularity with our users as well as to provide you with better service when you face any problems while using the site
  • We have tie-ups with several partners who may have products and services of interest to you. In such cases, we may notify you of their products and services. However, unless we receive your explicit permission, we will never give out your email address or other personal information to our partners
  • In terms of our advertising efforts, we are sometimes required to provide detailed reports on the demographics and usage of our site to advertisers
  • This helps us provide targeted and interesting ads which are appropriate for our users. However, all the information provided in these reports are not the personal information of customers but general demographics or profiles of our users on an overall basis
  • In some cases we do have the right to disclose your personal information such as for fraudulent transactions on our site, or criminal proceedings against a user, or to uphold and protect the law and interests of all our users. This is in view of safety and protection of our site from illegal activities

Third party service providers

  • We at Freauty may have outgoing links from our site to many other third party provider sites
  • In some cases if you visit these sites and use their services, their privacy policy will be applicable
  • Hence in such cases we will not be able to exercise any control over any information that you reveal to such sites

The security of your information

  • At Freauty, we are dedicated to protecting the security of all your data
  • All sensitive information such as credit card details is encrypted via a secure network
  • You will also notice that our site is a secure site which means that all information is transmitted via a secure server
  • We do not store any credit/debit card or financial information on all databases

Terms and conditions

  • All portions of the privacy policy are subject to change at any point of time

Ways you can restrict your personal information

  • We always provide you the option to unsubscribe to any offer you do not wish to receive
  • You can even choose to unsubscribe from our site at any time you wish
  • We provide you with several ways in which you can easily modify and delete any personal information you have provided by visiting your account information on our site

Cookies and how we use them

  • Cookies are typically used to track the online behaviour of users on our site
  • It is used to track factors like which sections of our site are frequented the most, how often a user visits our site, etc
  • Thus this is more for monitoring and tracking our service levels to you
  • By analysing user behaviour on our site we can fine-tune our site to serve you better

What cookies do we use?

Name Purpose
Google Analytics uses these cookies to collect anonymous traffic data about your use of this website. The cookies never store personal information or reveal your identity. This information is stored by Google and is subject to their own privacy policy.

You can explicitly opt-out of Google Analytics for all websites by downloading Google's browser plugin.
pay_pal Paypal stores payment transaction information if you use Paypal to pay for your item(s).